“I honestly can’t thank you enough for letting me into your second home and opening my eyes to all the art worlds possibilities! Also you did not need to be so generous but thank you.” – T. M.

“Visit #2 did just what. Visit #1 did, take my breath away. Hope to purchase a piece one day. Thanks for everything you do, so whole-heartedly.” – J.

“Absolutely amazing – the richness & vividness of the colours is breathteaking – the abstracts are reminiscent of J. Pollock but with a more ordered flair. The artist has an incredible eye for the natural world.” – S. W.

“Very impressive paintings! Vibrant colors and bold use of materials. They have the power to move and soften one’s heart. Keep on your good work & best wishes!”S.

“From the students at Northern Virginia Community College, thank you so much for your amazing exhibit! We are in awe at your talent and your art! Thank you for taking the time to share it with us!”​ – K. M., A. O., H. W., A. L., K. B., J. L., A. T. M. & J. B.

“Superbe expo! I love the sunflower symbolic and thanks for everything from delicious French cheese to very thoughtful dedicated book. Thank you all Hart family + Rideau.” – J.

“The glitter made my heart smile. <3 Thank you!” – B.H. & J. G.

“You changed the way I look @spaghetti.”A. B

“Thank you for the personal tour & explanation of Peter’s work Francine. His work is truly breath taking! May your family continue to prosper & Peter continue to create, inspire & move us with his work. With love from BC.” – K. & I. G.

“Hello artist! Seeing your painting like thinking positive towards life… such an amazing feeling. Be blessed and please create more more and more painting to make people cheerful & happy. Thanks much.”S. L.

“Thank you! Thank you! I received love and joy from your painting. Your beautiful soul reflects through your paintings and touched mine. Best wishes and much love.”A. A.

“Salam Peter, You remind me of Van Gogh. Really like your sunflowers. Greetings & best wishes. Google ranipadamsee & meet me.”S. B. R. P.

“Peter W., Beautiful, extraordinary work! I love the fact that you paint sunflowers to remember your mother. I am a painter, too. Your work has inspired me !!! Hugs from Mexico!”B. B.

“I think that the artist is very talented and I especially like the abstract squiglly ones. They are all really awesome too. I like the colours. :-)”I. B.

“Really popped to us, beautiful work!” – T.

“What a Dream, I love the colors and light these pieces bring.” – S.

“Peter, Fabulous colors! Your art is bright and full of love! You have an amazing talent and work is so inspiring! You really know how to make “pasta” come to life. <3 Keep making happy art <3″ – D.

“Vibrant colors! Love the artwork.” – K. B. & R. G.

“Joyful, natural, engaging colors. Evocative sense of Canadian places. Fresh reworking of tradition. Keep on!” – J. G. & D. W.

“Dear peter, It was a pleasure to meet you and to hear from your wonderful experiences with your art! Great connection. You are cordially invited to Colombia !!!” – J. M. A.

“Love the gallery!” – M.

“The whispering willows and romantic sky were my absolute favorites! Xoxo” – G. G.

“Enjoyed the tour very much. Beautiful pictures. We love your art, how you do it. All the best.” – A. & V. P.

“Lovely colours. Lovely story. Very inspirational. Thank you.”

“Wonderful gallery. So glad to already have some of your pieces! Xox <3” – G., S. & A.

“Dear Peter, Thank you so much for making MDC’s Pandore Experience fundraiser such a success! The event generated over $200,000 which will assist many Quebecers living with muscular dystrophy. We really appreciate your support and please know you’ve made a difference.

Have a great summer!” – K. H.

“I came in for a reception and left with a painting. It seemed to have been calling to me all evening. I hope it will give as much happiness in its new home as it did in Montreal.”

“A part of a beautiful dream!!! Your work is inspiring, unique & beautiful!” – Drs. I. & D.

“We saw your beautiful paintings in the window. When we came in and saw how beautiful they are with the light we were .”

“We were visiting Montreal for the day and came into the gallery by chance. We didn’t expect our reaction to the work to be so strong, we are excited to have “At the Pond” and “Sea Storm” in our home in Houston, Texas.” – B. & J. W.

“GOD IS HERE! It’s wonderful!”

“What a wonderful surprise & delight to walk into your gallery & see so much color. It really lifted my spirits. Beautiful work.”

“We’re very happy with our new painting, so now we will always be on “Vacation.”” – E. & T. K.

“You have such a beautiful art collection, makes it hard to choose from. What we are buying add and enhance our art collection of our house. No doubt it will & compliment of what we have. Glad we made a good buy.” – F. & F. S.

“Hello, Your art touches my heart with the implosion of exquisite colors, opens my mind to avenues of light and colors to explore. Your vision is relative to my eternal soul. From one artist (new for me) to a genius.

Thank you so much!” – E. S.

“Such beautiful work – what a wonderful find on our first day in Montreal. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing our paint “Between the Shadows” on our wall in Bahrein.” – S. C.

“Peter! It was love at first sight! We are “enchantés” with your art. Such a bright and happy work. Our home will be sun lighted with your painting & little bit of Peter in Brazil.” – P., S., M. P., B. & L.

“Walking along the avenue, Peter’s painting and force bring us into spring and happy aura, melting down cold winter here in Montreal. Thank you for the warmth and inspiration. Looking forward to seeing your work in Leipzig!” – S. K.

“Thank you for the hospitality. Beautiful art work & beautiful people. I am so excited to see the Cosmos hung in my house. Thank you. Long may your big jib draw.” – K. & T.

“Thank you so much for creating such beautiful pieces that speak to my soul so beautifully. For the 1st time I have sat in an art gallery & cried! But not tears of sadness; tears of joy, of beauty, of the heart opening. I feel as though I could just walk into them & be enveloped in a journey of joy & spiritual awakening.

Thank you from the bottom & depth of my heart.” – F. F.

“We spent hours at this wonderful gallery, drinking in each fantastic work of art. What a pleasure to have 3 of our own Peter Hart pieces destined for our home in Houston! Thank you to the excellent gallery hosts who shared the pieces of art with us and were so friendly. A wonderful memoir of Montreal we will treasure! Thank you!” – J. & P. S.

“We are newly married and are thrilled to own an incredible piece of your beautiful art – knowing it comes from a wonderful happy couple inspiring us – thank you. When we look at it we will remember the happy place where we bought it.” – A. & M. D.

“Your gallery is an inspiration, I love the colours & energy! A beautiful experience & now I own a piece of this. Beautiful art. Your piece called GRACE, to be “BLACK MAGIC” a perfect addition to my living room! Thank you.” – B. M.

“Fate brought us to your gallery today but it was the energy & love that we felt in your gallery, surrounded by your artwork, and sharing with your staff that drew us in. We are thrilled to bring home a piece of you to add to our home and share with our family. Thank you for “Lucy” and “Red Flower Garden.” Wishing you your best life.” – G. & S.

“Dear Mr. “Heart”, Je vous félicite pour votre travail et votre énergie! Vos œuvres sont très originales et inspirantes. Johanna nous a parlé de votre parcours et de votre histoire et vous semblez être humainement une personne merveilleuse. Je vous souhaite bon courage pour la suite. Encore bravo!” – A.-E. H.

“Hello, Your “Under the Snow” captured my imagination! The texture in the sky is amazing. Can you believe it is going to Arizona – does it look like sand?” – S. B.

“Greetings Peter, I am here on holiday from London, with only another two days left. I just happened to be walking past and stepped in because I haven’t been to any art galleries up until now. Your work is breathtaking. I love the way you have used glitter, beads and food items for light and texture. The colours are amazing. Very impressed and very glad I stopped in. One day I will be in the position to purchase one of your beautiful pieces.”L.

“Peter, Your art makes me feel ALIVE! It’s moving (not just moving me – it’s really MOVING). ALIVE. I love you.” – V. C.

“The Provence landscape study captures the light and nature of the area. The painting is at a very economical price, and the small size will enable it to find a space on my wall & memories of my visit to Montreal. Merci.” – W. K.

“My husband and I are visiting Montreal (staying at La Maison Dumas) and we walked by your beautiful gallery many times, finally deciding to come in. We fell in love with your work, especially your sunflowers! The colors are so vibrant, and there’s such a sense of life and hope in the painting “Magdalena,” as I see the petal’s faces reaching to the sky.

Thank you, and we’ll truly enjoy having it in our home! Bless you as you continue to create.” – G. & D. J.

“Hi Peter & Francine, We came all the way from Toronto to see your beautiful gallery. You should be very proud, they are all works of art! Good luck in the future, and all the best for many successful years!” – M. & J. B.

“Dear Peter, You are a reincarnation of Van Gogh, your sunflowers attracted me to the store and made me feel back in Amsterdam at the museum.” – E. S.

“We have not seen such varied and engaging paintings as these. The setting in a venerable well preserved building is equally stunning. Thank you!”

“Francine & Peter, We were breathless when we saw your collection. The passion in the painting is so evident. Keep up the great + beautiful work. God bless.” – G. & C.

“To my dear friend Peter, I can see and hear your heart and your soul in every piece of art – but even more importantly, I hear the MUSIC <3. Thank you for being a part of my life.”E.

“Hi Peter, We loved your work when first visited your gallery. Upon meeting your lovely wife Francine, she explained your work. We were captivated by “Twilight” and returned to purchase it. Merci beaucoup!” – S. & S. L.

“Hi Peter! You have a beautiful gallery and your work is inspiring. Jennifer and I congratulate you for following your passion. You have an undeniable talent. Bought one of your small pieces – it conveyed serenity, calm and peacefulness. Catherine and Marie-Eve are great ambassadors. See you again soon!” – D. & J. L.

“Peter, Your vision is inspiring! The studio space is a room that is so open and showcases your talent… I fell in love with “Spring Awakening,” left the showroom and tears fell from my eyes. I returned and now I will experience your joy and passion so brilliantly every day. Thank you for sharing…”J.

“Francine & Peter, Wonderful vibe, magical art, warmth, smiles, connecting, chatting, serious + silly, topical + real, these moments are what I will walk with during my stay in Montreal.”D.

“Dear Peter, I will cherish your work “Portail” which will hang in the most prominent spot in my living room! It will remind me of the very special visit I had in Montreal and the honor of meeting you in person. I look forward to expanding my collection. Merci beaucoup!”K.

“What a wonderful gallery and collection you have. We almost did not walk the distance down the street but we saw the work of art in the window and decided to stop in. It was a pleasure to meet your family. We love the painting we chose and this will always help us remember our 10 year wedding anniversary. Thank you for a special memory!” – K. & J.

“Hey Peter, I was just passing by and WOW, I’m so impressed, the collection is amazing; the colours, textures, composition and energy are remarkable. It’s nice to know we have an accomplished artist in the family. Best regards.” – J. M.

“Such a beautiful gallery… We will enjoy our “Field of Revelation 1″ every day. All the best to you.” – G. & S. R.

“Best of luck with your beautiful gallery! I am honored to have one of your paintings in my collection now. I will remember this experience with great fondness.” – P. G.

“Peter + Francine, How incredibly lucky we are to have stumbled upon such a treasure. We are wonderfully moved and inspired to dream… and feel so privileged and honored to have one of your gems in our home. Thank you for sharing your passion.” – H. & J.

“Go n’eirigh an bōthar leat!” Translated, this Irish language phrase means “Best of luck with your adventure.” Lovely gallery, beautiful paintings & my family will enjoy our “Explosion estivale” for many years.” – L. D. F.

“Wonderful pieces, filled with energy, light + passion!” – J. S.

“What a lovely gallery – magical! Best of luck!” – C. & M. G.

“Great work, extremely original work !!! Thank you for the wedding gift.” – L. C.