03 December 2015
A very colourful night at the PETERwHART Gallery
Nearly 60 guests gathered at the PETERwHART Gallery in Old Montreal last night at the launch of Montreal artist Peter W. Hart’s new book, Transformative Dimensions: Volume II, an 80-page illustrated catalogue presenting his approach and recent paintings. At the event, guests were also able to attend the vernissage of the artist's current collection.

Self-taught, Hart has explored painting as a medium of expression for over 25 years, employing mixed media techniques and favouring a gestural, intuitive approach. His acrylic paintings, abstract and/or figurative, have bright primary colours and incorporate many other materials, particularly food (such as spaghetti and lentils), or items associated with jewellery (like beads, sequins and glass shards) and metallic powder. Since the 2013 opening of his own exhibition space, the PETERwHART Gallery, Hart has regularly held philanthropic events, participating in many charitable activities and group exhibitions in Quebec and abroad. Over the past three months, his paintings have been shown in Berlin and New York.