Our Artist Peter W. Hart

It is in beautiful Old Montréal that the self-taught artist, Peter W. Hart, exercises his pictorial practice. In addition to the permanent exhibition at his eponymously named PETERwHART Gallery, Peter has participated in numerous group exhibitions in North America and Europe. Peter’s works have been purchased and displayed in over 30 countries.


Peter is also actively involved in his community and regularly gives creative workshops for others including Accueil Bonneauthe Centre François-Michelle, and Camp Corral – an all-expenses covered week of summer camp exclusively for the children of wounded, injured, ill, and fallen military heroes.


Inspired by both the movement of his daily life and his studies abroad, Peter W. Hart’s artwork celebrates the joy and beauty of life in all its forms. Whether working with a vivid sunflower or an abstract scene packed with the artist’s energy and passion, Peter’s work reminds us to be aware and present everyday appreciating the little things that bring us joy in our lives. Through his eyes and with each brush stroke, Peter beseeches the observer of his work to appreciate the beauty all things – both great and small. 


Through his explorations of acrylic painting and mixed media, the artist has developed a unique visual language that characterizes his vivid use of colors and captivating textures. Moving easily from abstract to figurative, from contemplative to pressed gestures, and from small presentation to the monumental, Peter W. Hart is an artist filled with a seemingly endless well of creativity and constantly pushes the boundaries of his visual world – and we are the fortunate spectators of his creative and unique universe!


Peter’s Studio

My Studio

Welcome to my world, or should I say my, “little piece of heaven”!


Last year, we moved into my new studio located in the back of our art gallery on Saint-Paul Street East – the oldest and most historic street in Montreal. I am lucky to have such a beautiful and centrally located studio and I was not kidding when I said, “It is my little bit of heaven”.  Every time I walk into the studio, my heart beats a bit faster as I anticipate what I will be creating. The first things I do is turn on my water fountain, then I turn on my music. I need both of these life-sustaining forces to paint and work!


My studio has a few of different areas…


The first is my “office” area which includes my desk, a conference table, refrigerator, etc. The walls in my office are surrounded by pictures of my family and the people I love. I also have a few cabinets containing gifts, mementos, and awards that I received through the years.


The second area is the “framing” area where each painting is housed in the iconic Peter W. Hart black frame. Our classic black frame is simple by design to showcase the individuality of each painting without detracting from the energy, texture, and colors of each work. Finally, we securely crate each painting in its own custom-made wooden box for secure shipping all over the world.


The final area of my studio is where I actually create. The walls in this area feature inspirational posters with quotations from creative people who I greatly admire – Van Gogh, Mark Twain, Churchill, Einstein, and John Lennon just to name a few. The walls in this area also feature works custom created for me by my favorite artists – my grandchildren! This is one my favorite places on earth as it is surrounded by blank canvases, inspiring words and artworks, and dozens of bright and bold colors, and a myriad of beads, pasta and other trinkets that will eventually find their way into one my paintings.  These beautiful colors and unique textures surround me and carry me to a magical place all my own where I am free to express myself and be as crazily creative as I choose to be!


Welcome to my own personal heaven!

The dreamers and gatherers:

Peter W. Hart, the artist, and his wife and gallery director, Francine Bellomo, are both self-proclaimed lovers of the arts. While Peter is in charge of the creation of the gallery’s works, Francine is in charge of the display, categorization, providence verification, and dissemination of Peter’s art. Since its grand opening in 2013, Peter and Francine have made the PETERwHART Gallery their home away from home putting their unique creative stamp on every aspect of the Old Montreal gallery. The marrying of the gallery’s original architecture bones with the bright, bold paintings of the artist works to create a place that gives a respectful nod to the past with the anticipation of a future filled with more color and more joy!

The gallery was originally an inn built in 1881 and has changed hands and purposes a few times before landing as the home of the PETERwHART Gallery. Initially, Francine and Peter thought the gallery would be a temporary exhibition, but because of its popularity it quickly changed course and has become a permanent home to display Peter’s artwork. Nine years later, the gallery has become a popular stop for local neighbors as well as tourists to Québec and Old Montréal.

The gallery’s mission is simple – to spread joy and beauty all over the world by displaying and promoting the works of the artist Peter W. Hart. 

Operating under the tenets of freedom and joy, the PETERwHART gallery encourages artistic exploration without constraints or limitations. The gallery’s representation of a solitary artist allows the PETERwHART team to simplify the connections between the artist, the random procurer of art, the serious art collector, and the worldwide artistic community.

While 2020 was challenging for many, the challenges we’ve endured has brought a great deal of positive energy and change to the PETERwHART Gallery. Peter has built a new studio located in the back of the gallery . This new, spacious working studio allows Peter to work even closer to the public and gives him the rare opportunity to regularly engage with gallery visitors. The gallery has also begun offering “Virtual Interactive Tours” with a live member of the gallery team. These virtual interactive tours showcase the artist’s latest works and gives our virtual visitors the opportunity to peruse Peter’s latest works with a live, interactive team member. Our interactive tours can accommodate almost any technology and you can even have a friend join your personal tour and make the “visit” to our gallery together.  Contact us today to book your free, interactive tour today!